CBD stands for ‘cannabidiol‘, an active substance found in hemp oil, derived directly from the hemp plant. It is non-psychoactive and the content of THC is tested on every batch to meet the requirement of less than 1mg per bottle. CBD Oil (Cannabidiol Oil) has a particular taste that you might dislike when taking for the first time. A glass of water will wash away any disagreeable flavour from your mouth.

  • Each bottle contains 500mg/1000mg/2000mg of full-spectrum distillate containing CBD,CBN,CBC,CBG and CBD-A.
  • Made from full-plant extract grown in Oregon USA.
  • Co2 extracted – The gold standard for CBD extraction.
  • We use MCT oil as a carrier oil which is clear and odourless and the distillate is a golden brown colour so unlike other brands, ours is far more pleasant to taste.